10 February 2008

This is not a travel Blog.

I will not be making inane and superficial commentary on the differences between Jordanians and Americans. I will not be reflecting on the droll vicissitudes of life here in Jordan. I will not be describing my diet.

On the contrary. “Girbaal” is Arabic for “sieve,” and I hope for this to be a repository for my more theoretical and conjectural writing, through which I can sift and find the more productive and meaningful insights from my time in Jordan. And actually, I suspect a lot of my posts will be only tenuously related to Jordan, if at all. Also, I hope that, through a liberal dab of neglected-blog-guilt, I will be compelled to write out what I am thinking more often.

I like to talk about things like: anthropology, architecture, the Middle East, biopolitics, neoliberal capitalism, the history of science, “sustainability,” environmentalism, animal rights, and dogs. Especially those bred for pointing or retrieving.

Though I am somewhat averse to the format, blogging does afford a great opportunity to get comments and criticism, and I hope that my readers (if there are any…) will feel free to comment.




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